Rife Therapy in the Palm of Your Hand!

Expertly tuned frequency sessions provide outstanding benefits:

• Effective Detoxification     • Accelerated Healing
• Microbial Electrocution     • Immune Support
• Reduced Inflammation      • Pain Relief

Put a Rife Machine in Your Pocket!

Never before has Rife technology been so portable, so affordable and so easy to use!

JWLABS LiveWires is the entry level Rife frequency device, ideal for those who wish to protect and preserve their good health now and in the future. (For those with chronic illness, we recommend our Model A3 or Model A4.)

LiveWires delivers our full-bodied, expertly tuned frequency sessions via live audio streaming. Our General Alignment is an excellent maintenance session, and is FREE to download to all registered LiveWires users.

Get started with our General Alignment maintenance program.

Our entire library of expertly hand-tuned frequency sessions is available for members at rifetherapy.com.  These are more aggressive sessions, designed for the seasoned user.

If you have one of our other models and you would like to extend the reach of Rife therapy to your loved ones, LiveWires is an excellent choice. It’s especially popular with college kids who wish to maintain their Rife routine while away at school.

Get up and go with LiveWires!

You will have a key to good health in the palm of your hand!

Live Wires is technically our Model A1 Rife machine. It has been created with the same circuit as Model A3  but Live Wires has no switches, no lights, no plugs or jacks, and the wires are permanently affixed. It has a simple amplitude control (one-turn thumb wheel), input, power, and electrode leads. Although it’s equal to the A3 in its potential, it’s much simpler and therefore less complex to operate.

The “Live Wires” has been among my favorite gifts to friends and family members.  Many have begun to find themselves developing allergies and sinus issues, and frequently battling seasonal illnesses.  The general alignment frequencies have been greatly beneficial when it comes to helping them maintain their general health! Helping those I care about to potentially avoid falling into the same antibiotic overuse situation that I was up against for so many years has been something I am very grateful for as well.

JWLiveWires is made by JWLABS, a respected manufacturer of personal frequency devices for 3 decades.