Introducing LiveWires

The Model A1 called “LiveWires” has been created with the same circuit as Model A3  but Live Wires has no switches, no lights, no plugs or jacks, and the wires are permanently affixed.

It is very sophisticated from an engineering point of view, but extremely simple in terms of user interface. LiveWires has only a simple one-turn thumb wheel amplitude control. For this reason, we recommend that you keep your thumb on the wheel so you can quickly adjust the intensity to your comfort level as the frequencies change.

The input cable, power cord, and electrode leads are permanently affixed. Although it is equal to the Model A3 in its potential, LiveWires is less complex to operate.

JW LiveWires may not be suitable for all applications, as it is simpler. It may in some cases lack the refinement desired to comfortably apply to the more sensitive parts of the body, compared to Model A3 or A4, which have more precise amplitude control and two sets of leads, rather than only one.

Support for Model A3 is unlimited, however, LiveWires must rely on the information provided on-line, as well as the experience of the user.

Model A3 and LiveWires users can target any set of frequencies by choosing an appropriate title and track on our subscription web site,


There are advantages to utilizing our skillfully tuned sessions because we have taken the guess-work out of the therapy for you. Each of our titles delivers the entire range of therapeutic frequencies. Our tuning is extraordinarily precise, in that we are sometimes tuning within a millionth of a hertz. We target specific frequencies and provide general sweeps and other tuning techniques.

Each title will provide the ranges necessary to address detoxification, immune stimulus, reduction of inflammation, tissue stimulus, and more. You will access frequencies known to be effective for parasites, bacteria, fungi, viruses, and mycoplasma.

Here’s an example: Choosing the Gangrene title, and selecting Track 1, will deliver all the frequencies most specific for gangrene in a 30 minute session. Because of the urgency presented by gangrene, this approach is imperative. Note, however, that this track also stimulates significant detoxification. For this reason, it may be advisable that the beginner start with track 2 in order to test the reaction of the user to the detox effect. If the user tolerates this effect well, they may proceed to the more aggressive Track 1.

We also recommend that you utilize the other tracks to address accompanying bacteria and viruses. Steady application of all tracks, not necessarily in one sitting, has shown to be effective.


Safety is the only concern. The energy itself is a volts/amps electrical current balanced in a way that is a stimulus to the body, but devastating to virtually all known parasites from flukes to virus. It’s an energy that you can feel, and it is effective in this way at any of the frequencies of our devices in normal use.

All the frequencies are effective. Specific frequencies are more effective. Our Model A devices automate both of these factors to accommodate a smooth and complete therapy with no other planning on the part of the user, than to select a Title and a Track.

This leaves the users free to direct their attention to the process of the therapy itself. With your professional frequency session “in the can” you can focus on the physiology, the path of the energy, method and timing etc. Recorded sessions allows the user to more easily repeat sessions consistently.

Our Model A3 and LiveWires users can target any set of frequencies by choosing an appropriate title and track on Rife Therapy.

For example: Choosing the Influenza title and selecting Track 3, (virus and bacteria) will deliver all of the most specific frequencies traditionally used for Influenza, in a 30 minute session. We suggest that you use all of the tracks, perhaps alternating them from one session to the next. This will ensure that you get all the frequencies in the therapeutic range, including detoxification and tissue stimulus.

JWLiveWires is made by JWLABS, a respected manufacturer of personal frequency devices for 3 decades.