Introducing LiveWires

The Model A-1 called “Live Wires” has been created with the same circuit as Model A-3 (Tactio) but Live Wires has no switches, no lights, no plugs or jacks, and the wires are permanently affixed. It has only a simple amplitude control, input, power, and electrode leads. Although it is equal to the A-3 in its potential, it is much simpler and therefore less complex to operate.

JW LiveWires may not be suitable for all applications, as it is simpler. It may in some cases lack the refinement desired to comfortably apply to the more sensitive parts of the body, compared to Model A-3 Tactio ®, which has more precise amplitude control and two sets of leads, rather than only one.

Support for Model A-3 is unlimited, however, LiveWires must rely on the information provided on-line, as well as the experience of the user.

Model A-3 and LiveWires users can target any set of frequencies by choosing an appropriate title and track on Rife Therapy. There are advantages to utilizing our skillfully tuned sessions.

Choosing the Gangrene title, and selecting Track 1, will deliver all the frequencies most specific for Gangrene in a 30 minute session.

More advanced users may employ any common Audio Signal Generator (or function generator) by connecting it to Model A input and used to control the frequency of the Model A manually.