Safety is the only concern. The energy itself is a volts/amps electrical current balanced in a way that is a stimulus to the body, but devastating to virtually all known parasites from flukes to virus. It is an energy that you can feel, and it is effective in this way at any of the frequencies of Model A in normal use. All the frequencies are effective. Specific frequencies are more effective. Model A automates both of these factors to accommodate a smooth and complete therapy with no other planning on the part of the user, than to select a Title and a Track.

This leaves the user free to direct their attention to the process of the therapy itself. Such as; the physiology, the path of the energy, method and timing etc. Recorded sessions allows the user to more easily repeat sessions consistently.

Many users would like to try frequencies they have found on a list on the Internet. Model A-3 and Live wires users can target any set of frequencies by choosing an appropriate title and track on Rife Therapy.

For example:

Choosing the Influenza title and selecting Track 3, (virus and bacteria) will deliver all the most specific frequencies traditionally used for Influenza, in a 30 minute session.

Choosing the Gangrene title, and selecting Track 1, will deliver all the frequencies most specific for Gangrene in a 30 minute session.
More advanced users may employ any common Audio Signal Generator (or function generator) by connecting it to Model A input and used to control the frequency of the Model A manually.

JWLiveWires is made by JWLABS, a respected manufacturer of personal frequency devices for 3 decades.