Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need internet to use Live Wires?

Not necessarily, you can either stream the general alignment tracks online or you can download the tracks locally to your device and use them offline.

I’m not getting any output.

Check to make sure your sound volume is set to maximum on your computer, tablet, or mobile device. You should also ensure that your audio cable from LiveWires is securely connected to your media device.

Can you use Live Wires on tablets and iPads?

Yes, Live Wires is tablet and iPad compliant. In order to utilize the service you must be connected to a high speed WiFi connection or have previously downloaded the GA tracks. Some tablets and other mobile devices may require a mini USB adapter. You can order this item on our accessories page.

How many people can login on an account?

One login per account is allotted. Membership accounts are setup to be used by one individual. It will not allow multiple people to login into the same account.