Frequently Asked Questions

You have two choices; General Alignment is available for download to your computer for permanent storage. This provides an excellent maintenance session, and it may be all you need to achieve your desired results. For more aggressively tuned sessions, you must subscribe to our membership site which gives you access to our full library of professionally tuned sessions.

Yes, LiveWires is tablet and iPad compliant. In order to utilize the service you must be connected to a high speed WiFi connection or have previously downloaded the GA tracks. Some tablets and other mobile devices may require a mini USB adapter. You can order this item on our JWLABS accessories page.

Yes, Customer Support for LiveWires is provided via email. Please contact us at

No, this device is constructed in such a way that it cannot be opened for repair. This is the only device JWLABS makes that is not warranted.

You will be somewhat limited by the length of the electrode wires, but we strongly urge you to contact us for coaching in this matter. Note that we advise not keeping the electrode patches in place for more than about ten minutes. It’s important to reposition them during your session to prevent the possibility of irritation to the skin, or even a burn.

There are limitations with LiveWires in terms of versatility, and we recommend that you acquire a Model A3 or Model A4 to address chronic illness. These devices provide more safety features and more comprehensive coaching. For these reasons, we recommend LiveWires primarily for maintenance. On the other hand, if the price point of LiveWires is what you need to venture into Rife technology, we will certainly do our best to provide the level of guidance and coaching you will likely need.

One login per account is allotted. Membership accounts are setup to be used by one individual or family members within a household. It will not allow multiple people to login into the same account.

Check to make sure your sound volume is set to maximum on your computer, tablet, or mobile device. You should also ensure that your audio cable from LiveWires is securely connected to your media device.

JWLiveWires is made by JWLABS, a respected manufacturer of personal frequency devices for 3 decades.