History of Rife Technology

In the beginning, JWLABS was concerned with the problem of sorting out the truth about the technology, before we could begin engineering. There are three basic electromagnetic means available for the transference of energy to the body for the purpose of delivering and controlling a variety of frequency potentials. Presumably, all three are capable of a certain amount of induced reaction in the user, or subject.

Radio energy, electron energy, and magnetic energy. The examples of devices Dr. Royal Rife had used in his experiments that we were aware of at that time, did not include the magnetic therapy. There were engineering reasons behind why we chose not to attempt magnetism, but we did research it. We found the method had a long history in alternative health, and met with clinicians who had experimented with it for decades on thousands of cases. Later we openly, and publicly speculated on the possible ways a custom built, (or purpose built) device using only magnetism for performing Rife therapy, might be designed and found it marginally viable.

We were not the first to do this. A flurry of experiments and new designs emerged promptly afterwards, and approved products of this kind began to appear on the market within 2 years. As predicted, these devices were effective; but even today do not entirely fulfill the expectations of the average Rife machine user.

This leaves only Radio and Electron energies. Rife had employed both in his basic hardware. This consisted of a frequency instrument, and a microscope. The microscope was used to observe and to confirm the effects of the Frequency Instrument. The instrument of choice was actually just a function generator. The Electrodes (being the rods and plates), and the Ray Tube, (charged gas in a modified X-Ray tube), were each modes of application, or “applicators”. The Tube was for treating the microscope and the electrodes were for treating the subject.

The hardware definition for a Rife Machine is established, as Royal Rife himself used ordinary function generators as therapy devices. In years past, some makers of Rife therapy devices, were literally using unmodified function generators, with nothing more than a label change. This is still done today, although the function generator is often repackaged to give it a purpose-built look. (Rife Digital type devices.)

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