LiveWires Rife Machine Instructions


Take advantage of our three decades of experience!

Our masterfully tuned frequency titles have been developed over many years of experience. With our Model A Rife devices, you can be assured that you will have a session designed by professionals.

JWLABS’ basic strategy has been to attempt to minimize all reactions, in an effort to orchestrate a smooth and event free transition to a better state of health.

The General Alignment (GA) is an attempt to find a level of therapy that is safe for everyone, regardless of their state of health. Our tradition is to establish a regular maintenance routine for the user, via the GA, before attempting more aggressive or more specific treatments. This process will likely take longer for folks who are ill.

We suggest using Track 2 of the GA (10 minutes, hands only, 5 days on 2 days off ) for the first few days, not moving beyond this until it is obvious no further reaction is expected. Adding Track 3 to the daily routine, again until there are no reactions, establishes a base line or maintenance level. Gradually, more aggressive systemic and localized sessions are added to this basic maintenance.

For example: GA, Track 2 and 3 for 10 minutes each, 5 consecutive days on, 2 consecutive days off – with no reactions and not more than 2 tenths point change in salivary pH for at least 5 consecutive days.

The energy itself is a volts/amps electrical current balanced in a way that is a stimulus to the body, but devastating to virtually all known parasites from flukes to virus. It’s an energy that you can feel, and it is effective in this way at any of the frequencies of Model A in normal use.

All the frequencies are effective. Specific frequencies are more effective. Model A automates both of these factors to accommodate a smooth and complete therapy with no other planning on the part of the user, than to select a Title and a Track.

This leaves the user free to direct their attention to the process of the therapy itself. Such as: the physiology, the path of the energy, method and timing etc. Recorded sessions allows the user to more easily repeat sessions consistently.

When the user has reached the point where they can do Track Two and Track Three of the GA, consistently, with no reaction, more specific applications of the energy can be safely added to this basic maintenance routine.


  • It is recommended that the user not apply the patches in one spot for more than 10 minutes anywhere on the body, except for the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands. If a burn does occur, do not apply patches to this spot again until it has completely gone.
  • For safety, be sure you have a good contact, using new patches on an area that is clean and dry.
  • Do not turn the amplitude up as high as you can stand it. A comfortable setting is all that is needed.

We must fortify the function of all systems in the body, not simply electrocute pathogens. And we must not presume to know all the elements which may be contributing to the disease.


A rudimentary knowledge of physiology helps to decide where to apply patches to a problem area. Positive on the area, negative on the corresponding vertebra is a common approach.

Placing both positive and negative, one on each side of a problem area is another common and simple way to deliver energy where it matters most.

Avoid treatment directly to abscess, or encapsulated infection (closed tumor). These require drainage for the therapy to work effectively. Instead, treat the body systemically, adding more time to treatments to hands and feet. This will reduce the total volume of infectious matter in the body, and most often will lead to arrest and possibly a reversal, even though it is indirect.

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