The effects of Rife therapy seem to help other therapies work more effectively, and assist in the achievement of an overall successful outcome for those suffering from chronic disease.  The General Alignment title is ideal for this purpose, and can be accessed here for free.

In 2003, a client doctor conducted clinical experiments to determine the effects of this therapy on people who were in perfect health. He concluded that there is no outward reaction, and no appreciable change in the metabolism. The pH remains essentially unchanged in the healthy case, even in prolonged use.

Since that time it is well established that the more reaction that occurs, the more problems to be overcome. Keeping this amount of change to a minimum, by keeping the sessions short and simple, and by being consistent with sessions, the average person can achieve the same results as the healthy case. Often in a matter of weeks or months.

There is no danger, provided the user knows to stop the therapy and allow the effects to pass before they begin again.

There are over 320, two-hour sessions created on JWLABS Model B-27. They are recorded by channels, A, B, C, and D of the Model B, and are available in streaming format at RifeTherapy.Com.

JWLiveWires is made by JWLABS, a respected manufacturer of personal frequency devices for 3 decades.