Our Products

JWLABS’ model machines are purpose-built throughout. We researched and tested the therapy beginning with a proven circuit theory that only contained the components necessary for this kind of electro-stimulus. Only the therapy parameters for the signal are necessary; all the other signals that a typical function generator, or signal generator can make have no appreciable therapeutic value. (Wave forms, and range of frequency) Also, the tuning characteristics and the controls of a function generator are quite inadequate for therapeutical applications, as they are not made for the purpose.

We have been developing purpose-built Rife Machines, or electro-therapy devices for decades. The design of JWLABS Model devices is intended to appeal to users not interested in learning any more about the technology than they require. Many JWLABS customers have very specific, or very critical needs, and very little time or money left to deal with them. This means simpler, more cost effective, more automated devices are the primary issues of the apparent public demand.

JWLABS’ Model A-1 (Live Wires) is our oldest, original design – updated. It has the same basic circuitry and output as Model A-3. The A-1 (Live Wires) is a signal modifier, or media adapter. Live Wires can be used with any audio recording. It was created about the same time as the ECC 1989 technology; and correspondingly, it was intended to help detox, give energy, stimulate the immune system and cleanse the blood in preparation for more advanced, or more aggressive therapies.

JWLABS’ recorded frequency sessions are a form of music. They are hand tuned and played with skill. Much like any musical instrument is played and the music recorded. The needs of the user are anticipated in the contents of the recording, or score, and the full effects of the therapy can be realized with little or no education required.

“I have used the Live Wires to address the Nerve Pain on the bottom of my left foot, and the frequent pain in my lower back caused by Herniated discs in the Lumbar Region. I have used the Alignment Frequencies and the Stress reduction Frequencies. I find the treatments to be very beneficial when used appropriately. I would have no problem recommending the Live Wires Program

to anyone…..

Sincerely,” Dr. Rabb